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Membership Information

Who Should Participate?

All law enforcement, critical infrastructure, government agencies, and first responders can benefit from being a part of this advisory system.  

Anyone who is responsible for the protection of a company or agency's security (physical and/or information) should be a member.  This includes Directors of Security, Chief Information Officers, and others who are responsible for ensuring that business operations continue uninterrupted.  Government agencies and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are also part of the advisory distribution list.

Law enforcement agencies within the State of Missouri can benefit by receiving information regarding possible terrorism investigations, trends and the identification of possible targets, and investigations that cross jurisdictional lines.

The corporate sector's participation is necessary as they are the owners and operators of the largest majority of our nation's infrastructure and need to be informed of potential or pending threats to their operations or personnel.

Emergency/First Responders can benefit from information and resources to prepare for and respond to a terrorist attack, natural disaster or other large-scale emergencies.

Why Become A Partner?

Intelligence is a vital key to the "War on Terrorism".  Becoming a partner in the MIAC program has several benefits; it ensures that potential threat-related, but not necessarily urgent, information is shared with our partners; it facilitates the productive liaison between local, state, and federal law enforcement; and it encourages the sharing of potentially crucial counter terrorism intelligence. 

In today's environment this product is an absolute necessity for:

  • Providing real time intelligence for working officers.
  • Identifying trends and patterns of suspicious behaviors in the surrounding jurisdictions creating heightened situational awareness.
  • Creating a vehicle for two-way communication between regional law enforcement agencies.
  • Efficient use of your agency's resources to best protect your respective communities.
  • Connecting the dots between all levels of law enforcement.

What MIAC Partners Will Receive

Raw information is gathered from participating federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.  An analysis of the intelligence that is collected will produce a comprehensive "quick read" analytical report of suspicious behaviors, including criminal activities that relate to potential acts of terrorism along the Missouri region.  The report will also include:

  • Global and regional terrorism trends
  • Judgments and analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Trade craft
  • Officer safety issues 
  • Trends and the identification of possible targets




MIAC is an information sharing initiative owned and operated by the MIAC.  Should you have any questions call:  866-362-6422

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